What People Are Saying

You can read about the feedback we have received over the years about our MWAX products.

Personal Use

Alexa Esguerra

I really love these products. I suffer from psoriasis and these waxes don’t irritate my skin like some oils do. SPORT massage wax is my favourite, it smells amazing. I take them with me when I get professional massages/physio and use them on myself as both massage wax or just extra moisturiser. I recommend them to everyone. I wish you all the best with your business and will continue to be a happy return customer.

Soft Tissue Therapist, Canberra

Tracey Rowe

16 years I’ve worked as a soft tissue therapist. 16 years I’ve used MWax. Without a doubt, the BEST product on the market.

Remedial Massage Therapist

Gloria Jane Hack

I’ve just received my latest order & simply love your new Mwax ‘Calm’, mmmmm, love it! & want some on my clients!!! Thanks for popping in the sample…I think it’ll definitely be my new fav.”

Kyabram and Echuca, VIC

Intrinsic Balance Remedial Therapy

These guys are absolute legends! I have been a therapist for over 10 years and I’ve tried many mediums. Now I only use this wax range in clinic every single day!!! I love the feel of it, the essential oil benefits, my clients love it, and there is nothing I love more than happy clients! I also have convenient small sample tubs for clients to take home and try for themselves!!! Great for muscle aches and pains at home! Brad and Renee are super helpful and know their stuff!!! And their handwritten thank you cards in every order is over and above!!!

Emma van Raay

EVR Therapies

MWAX is my absolute go-to medium for soft tissue therapy because it is completely natural, chemical-free and smells amazing! I use only the best products on your and my own skin and love supporting this amazing family business. Thank you Brad & Renee!

Gabrielle Ryan

G Myotherapy

Ever wonder what is being used on your skin? MWAX ONLY BAYBEE! @mwaxproducts is a natural, chemical free massage wax, containing a beautiful blend of bees wax, canola oil & essential oils. Why is this my go-to medium? It’s 100% natural, which is perfect for sensitive skin, smells amazing & gives me just the right balance of grip & slip so that I can help those tired, aching muscles in the best way possible. I also love that it’s Australian made & owned by the Hiskin’s family in the ACT.

MWax Relax

Maskey Massage

MWax is a must have in any clinic, perfect for clients and practitioners alike, with a product suitable for every person. The clinic favourite here is the Relax blend. I can do some fantastic remedial and sports treatments and clients love the scent.


Advanced Clinical Education

We use MWax for our Functional Release Cupping courses and also in our clinics. It’s the perfect medium for any deep tissue work, lasts ages and is an Aussie company.

Remedial Massage

Gloria Jane Hack

I’m a Remedial Massage Therapist and I love using MWax on all my clients. I know a little goes a long way but I can’t help using that little bit more & everyone has made positive comments on each of the scented varieties. My hands love it too. The Aussie bees always get a big tick when I mention them too. Thank you for introducing me to MWax.


Chelsea Younger

I’m a Myotherapist and I use MWax as not only a therapeutic way to massage my clients but my favourite thing about MWax is it’s so beneficial to clients with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis, not only does it hydrate the skin but it also provides vitamins and nutrients skin that desperately needs it.

Mobile Remedial Massage Therapist

Naomi Clark

I’m a Remedial Massage Therapist and I love using MWAX as the product is just so lovely to work with and there is a scent to suit everyone’s taste. As an added bonus, it’s much easier for me to transport a solid product rather than liquid oil as I run a mobile business.

MWax Sample Pack

Evelyn Flemming

After winning a sample pack, I got to try every product. I fell in love with each one and their benefits straight away. A small amount goes a long way (perfect for remedial techniques), and clients love the smell without being overbearing. Love using an Australian made, chemical-free product and even better when supporting a small business.
Go try for your clinic, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you MWax!

MWax Hot Spot


This great product (MWax Hotspot) is made from all-natural products, including capsicum, clove and wild mint, and so many more great ingredients. We use this one for extra heat for the muscles to create extra blood flow to those muscles in need. You also need to smell this product, oh wow it’s amazing.


Riverina Muscle Therapy

I’m a Myotherapist and I’m loving these balms. The scents aren’t overpowering, the longevity of it means I’m using less per client and it’s perfect for so many different techniques.

MWax Original

Receive Massage

Client remarked it’s (MWax Original) gentle warming tone, the amount I needed to use was remarkably small, it offered beautiful glide & balanced bite when I need it to & cupping! – using it for myofascial cupping was just brilliant. Such great balance when working with them. Chuffed much? You bet. Thank you & happy to support such a great Australian product!

Home Clinic

Nat Weston

I’m a Remedial Massage Therapist and I love using MWax in my home clinic. I support local where I can. MWax is great for all my clients and the variety in scents is brilliant to tailor each and every treatment. Clients often comment and ask what I’m using. Highly recommend!

Customer Service

Tricia Esplin

Fantastic range of top quality products. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended.


Osteo on Miller

I am an Osteopath since starting my own business 3 years ago I ONLY use MWAX for treatment. Clients love it and finally a medium that soothes dermatitis on my hands (even the scented products do not irritate the skin!) instead of flaring it up. A clear tick and winner for me! It is honestly the best product I’ve struggled for years with my skin. I got to the point where I considered treating with nothing because the dermatitis was so bad. The same goes for the clients no itching or burning if they are sensitive, you have created a beautiful product!

Australian Owned

Live to Move Myotherapy

Australian owned and made, from 100% natural ingredients, these formulas get it “just right” for both the practitioner AND the recipient. I’ve used Original, Hotspot and Relax on clients already with great results and cannot wait to try out the others – Thank You MWax!”

Great for sensitive skin

Jodie Marques

MWax is a life changer! Not only is it natural and chemical-free, but it leaves the skin feeling amazing. My entire family now use it. It’s so versatile especially for those with sensitive skin.