Support Client Wellbeing with MWax Relax

Support Client Wellbeing with MWax Relax

As clinicians, we know that stress can cause tension, and tension can cause stress. Often a client will come through our doors, and it is clear from their posture that they are experiencing pain and discomfort. Understanding the mind-body connection, we know that a key part of pain management includes eliminating and decreasing stress and nervous system activation. Stress can prolong the healing process, leading to lingering symptoms, and debilitating chronic pain or immobilisation.

The growing client population that was suffering from stress and anxiety and chronic pain, demanded that we had a lubricant that offered not only the practical application qualities of MWax Original but also incorporated a calming and supportive effect on mood and wellbeing.


MWax Relax is a restorative blend, formulated with ginger, lemongrass and lavender to promote the release of muscular tension, leaving you feeling calm and revitalised.


This relaxing wax blend combines the soothing scent of lavender, refreshing lemongrass and earthy ginger. The application of specific essential oils into this formula enabled our clinicians to ease more than just muscular pain. Lavender has an instant calming effect on the senses, however, there is a reason for its prolific use in wellbeing and relaxation products beyond the aroma itself. 


Primary ingredient properties:

  • Lavender: anxiolytic, sedative, analgesic, and anti-convulsive and neuroprotective properties

  • Lemongrass: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and cancer-fighting properties. May also help with digestive issues, relieve pain, reduce fever, ease anxiety

  • Ginger: Being high in antioxidants, ginger can decrease stress and the  Wear and tear on cells from compounds that can damage cells, known as free radicals.



A result of its widespread use, lavender has been studied extensively. It supports the nervous system and can reduce the heart rate, blood pressure and relative low beta (RLB) power spectrum, an indicator of brain activity in the absence of stress. Lavender oil produced significant anti-anxiety effects in the Geller conflict and the Vogel conflict tests in mice. Linalool, a major constituent of lavender oil, produced significant anti-conflict effects in the Geller and Vogel tests; findings that were similar to those of lavender oil (Umezu, et al, 2006).

Lavender is reported to be useful in the treatment of acute as well as chronic or intractable pain (Ching, 1999). Its main chemical constituents, linalool and linalyl acetate are rapidly absorbed through the skin after topical application with massage and are thought to be able to cause central nervous system depression (Jager, 1992).

Lavender oil is also suggested to modulate GABAergic neurotransmission, especially on GABAA receptors, and enhance inhibitory tone of the nervous system (Guillmain et al, 1989). Cholinergic system is suggested to play a role in lavender analgesic, antianxiety, anti-depression, and anticonvulsant effects of lavender (Barocelli et al, 2004).



Our Relax Massage Wax offers moderate resistance, and is long-lasting. After treatment, the formula wipes away easily, leaving the skin feeling supple and moisturised. Apply a small amount to the skin, and massage as required.



The aroma immediately conjures relaxation and helps the therapist engage the vagus nerve, reduce cortisol levels and promote systemic downregulation.



Relax is safe and effective as a moisturising balm at home, and on tired muscles, for self-massage.

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