Heat Things Up With Hotspot!

Heat Things Up With Hotspot!

MWax Hotspot is a concentrated, revitalising massage wax, formulated using naturally derived heat-activating ingredients to restore mobility and relieve muscle soreness and aches. Hotspot evolved as clinicians found the growing need for a heat activating product that was free of the harsh chemicals and harmful toxins included in many of the big pharmacy brands. We designed Hotspot specifically to treat clients that experience neuralgia, arthritis or persistent pain in localised areas.




The active ingredient in Hotspot is capsaicin, a capsaicinoid extracted from red chillies. Essentially, capsaicin acts like a neurotoxin on the body. When applied to the skin, it will activate a strong heat sensation, activating a neural response that reduces substance P. Essentially, this reaction disrupts the pain receptor pathways between the central nervous system and the brain, effectively reducing pain signals to the area of discomfort. Clever, right?


Primary ingredient benefits:

  • Capsaicin: Supports Circulation, rich in Vitamin C, provides a strong heat sensation, builds collagen, protects against oxidative damage

  • Menthol: Provides a cooling sensation, soothes the respiratory system, reduces the sensation of aches, sprains, pain and cramps

  • Wintergreen: Soothes muscular tension, stimulates circulation, provides a warming effect, aids sleep and relaxation

  • Clove: Anti-microbial and antiseptic properties

  • Wild Mint: Soothes muscular aches


More on Capsaicin: Through Transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) activation, capsaicin has been shown to improve cognition. To this end, TRPV1 activation induced by capsaicin can lead to a reduction in oxidative stress, which directly impacts muscle and pain. Despite its targeted chemical properties, capsaicin can also improve general health and wellbeing. It is known to reduce low-grade systemic inflammation, which is associated with both cerebrovascular function and cognition, and improve symptoms of headache, brain fog and fatigue.



We recommend patch testing this product first, due to its highly active ingredients. Do not use on infants or children. Do not apply to broken skin or wounds. Avoid use during pregnancy. Wintergreen is contraindicated for pregnant women. Usage: Apply a small amount to painful areas, 4 times daily.


Designed to replace mainstream heat creams that have unnecessary chemical ingredients. Apply to sore, aching muscles and joints to restore mobility and relieve pain.

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